Writing Environment is Essential

Writing Environment is Essential

I’m often asked by friends how I sit down and focus when I’m writing.  Every person is different, but I like to go somewhere to write, whether it be a study room in my building, a coffee shop, or the college campus near my house. Wherever you choose to write, it’s essential that you’re comfortable and can limit outside distractions.

When I’m writing, I try to go for 500-2,000 words a day.  Some days I’m really in the zone and can write more, others I focus more on social media and various marketing avenues (more in a future post).

Generally, I like to try to write in the mornings and market in the afternoons.  That setup lets me focus on one task at a time and be more productive throughout the day.  Writing is more than an art.  It’s a business.  Authors are entrepreneurs selling a product to a target audience: their readers.  Like any good entrepreneur, the product comes first.  Writing a good novel is paramount to gaining a loyal readership and part of that is finding a place to write where you’re comfortable.

Do any fellow authors out there have a routine you follow or a place you prefer to write?   Post in the comments below!

Announcing Upcoming Novel: Symbiote (September 2014)


I’m happy to announce that I’m putting the finishing touches on my next novel: Symbiote.  I’m expecting a September release so things are getting pretty exciting!

“When a normally meek Bay Area insurance agent
suddenly turns into a voracious, homicidal maniac with an uncontrollable
appetite, doctors quickly determine that the cause must be a brain parasite
that can only be extra-terrestrial.  Now,
San Francisco Police Detectives Karen Hall and Yuri Markov are on a mission to
end this wave of violence before more citizens become infected.  But at every turn their investigation seems
to be hindered by shadowy federal agents with a hidden agenda.  Can they stop this reign of terror before one
of them becomes the next Symbiote?”

Do any fellow authors out there have an upcoming release?  If so, post in my comments for a chance to be featured on my blog!

Please post your questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them!