Writing Environment is Essential

Writing Environment is Essential

I’m often asked by friends how I sit down and focus when I’m writing.  Every person is different, but I like to go somewhere to write, whether it be a study room in my building, a coffee shop, or the college campus near my house. Wherever you choose to write, it’s essential that you’re comfortable and can limit outside distractions.

When I’m writing, I try to go for 500-2,000 words a day.  Some days I’m really in the zone and can write more, others I focus more on social media and various marketing avenues (more in a future post).

Generally, I like to try to write in the mornings and market in the afternoons.  That setup lets me focus on one task at a time and be more productive throughout the day.  Writing is more than an art.  It’s a business.  Authors are entrepreneurs selling a product to a target audience: their readers.  Like any good entrepreneur, the product comes first.  Writing a good novel is paramount to gaining a loyal readership and part of that is finding a place to write where you’re comfortable.

Do any fellow authors out there have a routine you follow or a place you prefer to write?   Post in the comments below!

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