Don’t Stop The Flow: Video Blog

Don’t Stop The Flow: Video Blog

It’s Writing Wednesday!

Today’s Topic: An extension of this highly popular post entitled ‘Don’t Stop the Flow: 4 Steps for Writing the Guts Before the Skin.’

No matter how much you write or whether you have a quota, my advice is Don’t Stop. Don’t stop writing and don’t stop producing quality work. Your quality will improve and you’ll end up producing more material. Also, you’ll find you get even faster at writing without losing precious quality. For writers at all stages of their careers, the only way to get better is to write more. To learn by doing. Writers at all levels espouse different methods of improving quality, but in the end you’re going to have to discover your own path. Don’t stop looking for ways to improve yourself and your writing. There’s always something you could be doing better or some way you could tweak your writing style to improve the flow.

Do you write to a quota? If so, how many words do you write per day or per week? Let me know in the comments below and your comments could make it into my next video! To see the rest of my videos on the process of writing, social media, and the publishing industry, visit my Youtube channel.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Stop The Flow: Video Blog

  1. As per Stephen King's recommendation in On Writing, I write 1000 words a day. Writing every day does help with flow problems. You do end up writing quicker and it was actually easier the second day I started writing a 1000 words per day.

  2. 1000 words a day is definitely a good number. Even with the editing process, at that pace there's no reason a person can't write a couple of novels a year at a quality that will only improve the more you write. 🙂

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