Free – The Corsair Uprising #1: The Azure Key

Now, everybody can download The Corsair Uprising #1: The Azure Key for FREE on multiple platforms forever. I decided to do this after a lot of debate because ultimately I want this series to get into as many hands as possible. I would encourage everybody to give it a try and, if you enjoy the first book, move on to the next in the series. However, I realize not every book is for every person. So here is your zero-risk invitation to enjoy The Corsair Uprising!

The Azure Key Free


Selected Amazon Reviews:

“I enjoy futuristic suspense novels. A mixture of different personalities and space aliens make for an enjoyable story” – Amazon Customer

“This was a great and interesting read, hard to put down. Schmidt puts a great spin on the genre and makes for a great new author, excited to see what else comes from him in the future.” – Matt Pennington

“Real Space Opera ~ loved this fast paced & fun story! Will be reading more of Trevor Schmidt books.” – trueblue broccoli

The Corsair Uprising Space Opera Series combines elements of classic Sci-Fi romps and deep ethical questions that will make readers question the notion of right and wrong in the Universe. The plot twists are sure to stun and its lightning-fast pace will keep you up into the night. The Corsair Uprising will please readers who enjoy its light-hearted moments as well as its undertones that hint of bigger things to come.

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