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Trevor Schmidt aspires to be the most interesting man in the world. He’s traveled to almost 50 countries, is learning his third language, and has held more jobs in different fields than many people twice his age. No matter where he is or what he’s doing, there’s an itch in his head that must be scratched. He’s been a writer since word processors had blue screens and white text and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get the stories out of his brain and onto a page. Still, he tries.

His flagship series, The Corsair Uprising, combines elements of Steampunk and classic Space Operas to provide a riveting experience readers have likened to “Star Wars meets Firefly.”

From the author: I can’t wait to share with everyone what’s coming for The Corsair Uprising Space Opera Series. It’s my pleasure to announce that in addition to the main series of books, I’ve planned several related series that will be able to be read entirely separate, but which exist in the same universe. Think of it as the Corsair Extended Universe (CEU). I consider this my life’s work and won’t ever stop writing. Lucky for my readers, I still have many decades of writing ahead of me!

All subsidiary rights questions, requests for blog rolls, guest posts, or interviews should be sent to: Trevor.Scott.Schmidt [at] Gmail.com.

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