New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again, give or take a couple of days.  It’s the time when everyone makes the resolution to lose weight…and I’m sure a smattering of other things.  I don’t believe in resolutions so much as setting goals.  The problem a lot of people have seems to be with the name.  You see, they’re the same thing.  However, a goal to some may equally be labeled a ‘pipe dream.’  So let’s talk about goals.

Goals are nothing without a plan of attack.  For me, I make time to write 1,000 words every day, even if it’s a blog post rather than a few pages in my latest novel.  I’m an avid user of to-do lists and if I miss a day of writing I don’t get that satisfying check.  On the rare occasion that happens, I let it carry over to the next day, where I’ll double my normal productivity out of guilt.  I’ve been following this pattern for about 6 months now and have written and published 2 novels to show for it.

The problem with a lot of people’s goals is that they take a long time to achieve for a person completely dedicated to the task.  Someone might go in and give it a half-baked effort for a month or two and then stop.  Maybe it’s too hard or you’re not getting the results you want.  Any task, if repeated enough times, can get boring.  The people who succeed find the bright spots and continue on even if they don’t feel like it, if they aren’t getting the results they want, or if their goal seems unreachable.  It can take decades to gain any real following as an author, musician, or other type of artist.  During that time, just about everyone will hit a wall at some point.  What matters is how you deal with those setbacks.

I have goals for 2015, goals for the next three years, five years, ten years, and so on.  I realize that forecasting that far out might seem pointless to some people, but I stand by it.  Every year I reevaluate where I am and where I want to be.  I don’t make some arbitrary resolution per se, but I do adjust my goals to be somewhere between realistic and optimistic.  And so here it is: in 2015 I will publish four novels and the quality of each will meet or exceed the previous novel.  I’m already on track to hit that goal, and it’s a good feeling that I know all I need to do is continue on the way I’ve been going.

I want to hear about your resolutions!  Post a comment in the space below with your 2015 resolution.

Who Inspired Me To Write?

Yes, I found this blog topic on a list of topics from another site.  Sue me.  Who inspired me to write?  My father, Trevor Scott, who himself is a bestselling author, taught me to write from a ridiculously young age.  I’m not kidding.  I was six-years-old when I wrote “Ben and the Dragon” and it was a 4,000 word short story.  I’m seriously considering editing it and putting it out as a freebie.

In all seriousness, my dad has had a lot of success with the Bestselling Jake Adams International Espionage Thriller Series.  He’s sold more than 500,000 copies in the last few years (as of this writing) and the series really deserves to be turned into a movie series.  Trevor Scott served as an editor on my latest book, Symbiote, which is to be released soon.  It’s really exciting to be working with my dad to produce that which is my best work to date.

Now it’s time for some backstory.  In or around 1993, my dad separated from the Air Force and became a full-time writer.  I was six and thought that was the coolest thing ever.  I was right.  As I grew up, he stayed at home watching me and my brother while writing what would become a bestselling thriller series.  When I was a child I didn’t have much grasp of how popular he was becoming, I only knew that he could teach me proper grammar and a unique writing style.  What I learned from a young age generally granted me trips to the principals office, as my teachers seemed to think my writing was plagiarized or that my dad wrote my papers for me.  Usually, he’d never even read them and took such instances as a source of pride.

There have been reviews of my work that have suggested that I’m the son of Trevor Scott.  The answer to that is yes, it’s true.  I grew up learning about the art of writing from a master of fiction and I only hope to be a shadow of his name.  I tread in deep footprints and it’s an honor to call him my editor and biggest fan.

My new Science Fiction novel, Symbiote, comes out this month!  Stay tuned for information regarding its release!

The Nanny-State (As it pertains to my novel, Memory Leak)

My science fiction thriller Memory Leak portrays a strong resistance to the idea of a Nanny-State (or a society in which the government has control over a lot of your life). From arranged marriages for selective breeding purposes to control of all artwork and music, Memory Leak shows what can happen when a government runs amok. I don’t want to give away took much in this blog post, but I’d like to spur some thought and debate on this subject. So, I’ve made a list of a few questions related to the above topic and I thought we could discuss them in the comments.

1) Should the government have any control or say in the institute of marriage?

2) Should the government have any recourse for artwork that portrays them negatively?

3) Should the government have a hand in genetics (be it genetic engineering or genetic research) or should those industries be private?

4) Should the government have a say in what car we drive, if any?

I hope you have fun answering some or all of these questions! If you’re really interested, I hope you check out my book, Memory Leak!

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