The Chosen: A Novelette

The Chosen: A Novelette (2015)

Genre: Science Fiction/Medical/Apocalyptic

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When a hyper-aggressive strain of HIV mutates and infects billions, the world shuts down. Pharmaceutical research safeguards and ethical standards have been put on hold in order to stop the raging virus.   When all hope seemed lost, Rayne Reynolds, a billionaire biotech mogul, says he’s found a cure.  The details surrounding the miracle drug are foggy at best, and one journalist isn’t buying it.  Marty McDaniel is a man on a mission to unravel one of the biggest conspiracies ever perpetrated on mankind.  Immune to the disease, he is one of the scarce few relegated to watching the world burn around him.  One of the last who may be able to discover the truth.  One of THE CHOSEN.

What is a Novelette you ask? Your questions answered.

As a science fiction author, I often write about worst case scenarios both in present and future societies. The impact of HIV/AIDS on the world is devastating, but all is not lost. Great strides are being made in extending the lives of the affected as well as the amazing research being done to find a cure. amfAR is an organization that is dedicated to providing these researchers the resources they need to cure HIV/AIDS, among other worthy pursuits. With the funds generated by this fundraiser we can all do our part to ensure their goal of finding a cure by 2020 comes to fruition. To this end, I will donate 50% of any profit I make on my novelette ‘The Chosen.’ I hope you not only read and enjoy my story, but take the time to read up on the great work that amfAR is doing and consider donating to their cause.

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More about amfAR:

amfAR is one of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to the support of HIV/AIDS research, AIDS prevention, treatment education, and the advocacy of sound AIDS-related public policy. Because it has the freedom and flexibility to respond quickly to emerging areas of scientific promise, amfAR plays a catalytic role in accelerating the pace of HIV/AIDS research and achieving real breakthroughs. amfAR-funded research has increased our understanding of HIV and has helped lay the groundwork for major advances in the study and treatment of HIV/AIDS. One of the earliest advocates for people with HIV/AIDS, amfAR has galvanized national leadership on AIDS and was instrumental in securing key U.S. legislation advancing access to treatment and care and strengthening research efforts. Funded by voluntary contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations, amfAR has invested more than $233 million in its mission since 1985 and has funded grants to more than 2,000 research teams worldwide.