The Corsair Uprising Series

The Corsair Uprising

The Corsair Uprising

The Corsair Uprising Timeline

The Corsair Uprising Series Order:

Book 1: The Azure Key

Liam Kidd was a freelancer for Vesta Corporation, Earth’s largest and most corrupt asteroid mining company. Through a series of events he finds himself working the mines, a fate worse than death. When an opportunity presents itself, he and two other miners escape through a nearby wormhole. They find themselves across the galaxy in the middle of a conflict between three alien species. Liam’s only chance of getting home lies in finding a device rumored to be capable of opening a singularity. Now, he and his crew must face the horrors of war to return to their own system, a challenge that might prove deadly.

Book 2: Nightstalkers

Two months has passed since the battle for Garuda Colony, and Captain Liam Kidd is tired. His crew has worked diligently to retrieve a stolen artifact, but all of their efforts have failed. Finally, during a brutal boxing match, a lead has surfaced. The clue comes with entangled rumors of a nefarious Ansaran research facility on the Planet Narra, and a new danger from the Kraven Throng that threatens to destroy them all. Even stranger is what they find when they land on the wayward planet. Will Captain Kidd and his crew discover the truth before it’s too late? Or will they fall prey to the NIGHTSTALKERS?

Book 3: Death Wish

Following the instructions of the ruthless gangster Zega, Captain Liam Kidd is working in the shadows. Rumblings of war have the crew on high alert. Deceit is everywhere. A council of Dinari elders, a mysterious mercenary, Garuda Colony’s Caretaker, and the new head of security, there is no shortage of players vying for control of the wayward colony. But, an old threat has resurfaced that threatens to tear the crew apart. The Dinari Phage Sickness, the blight that put an end to The Long War, is back. Now, only one person has what it takes to tilt the balance of power in the colony…

Book 4: The Lost Corsair

After suffering a devastating loss, the crew of The Garuda has been in hiding for months. Unable to cope, one member embarks on a perilous mission for answers while another seeks information from a source within Garuda Colony’s new, crooked administration. What they find begins to unravel an unthinkable plot which spans time and space, causing the crew to question everything they ever knew about the Corsairs and the Long War which spawned them. Amidst the chaos a new player enters the fray. Thought missing for decades, will this legend prove friend or foe?