Death Wish (#3)

Death Wish My BooksThe Corsair Uprising #3: Death Wish (2015)

Genre: Science Fiction (Steampunk Space Opera) Series

Available in eBook: Amazon

Available in Paperback: (Coming Shortly)

Following the instructions of the ruthless gangster Zega, Captain Liam Kidd is working in the shadows. Rumblings of war have the crew on high alert. Deceit is everywhere. A council of Dinari elders, a mysterious mercenary, Garuda Colony’s Caretaker, and the new head of security, there is no shortage of players vying for control of the wayward colony. But, an old threat has resurfaced that threatens to tear the crew apart. The Dinari Phage Sickness, the blight that put an end to The Long War, is back. Now, only one person has what it takes to tilt the balance of power in the colony…

Update: The Dirge of the Corsairs Music Video is live on Youtube.

The lyrics are taken from a scene in The Corsair Uprising #3: Death Wish and can be viewed below.  Don’t worry, no spoilers.

One thousand years,
All must bear burdens,
Taken from their beds,
All bear their burdens.

The Corsairs Ride,
The beasts will fly,
Aether sings tonight,
The Aether sings.
The legends tell,
Four dozen fell,
Two lost by time itself,
Two lost by time.

The beasts of myth cry tears of souls, (Kill Ansarans)
Lost by the dark in-between, (Kill the Kraven)
Corsairs live to kill their foes, (Kill Ansarans)
Dinari rising free. (Kill the Kraven)

This war won’t end,
This message send,
One thousand years,
One thousand more,
One thousand more…