News!  What am I up to? Well let me tell you…


1/2/2018 – I’m excited to announce that The Corsair Uprising #1: The Azure Key will be translated into Croatian! Check back in the near future for a cover reveal and link to buy a copy!


12/12/2017 – I have signed a deal to produce a translation of The Corsair Uprising #1: The Azure Key in a foreign language. Any guesses which language?

9/31/2017 – The Corsair Uprising #5: Specter cover revealed!

1/31/2017 – New blog posts are arriving every Tuesday. Learn something new, connect with like minds, and share in the fun!


10/20/2016 – The Corsair Uprising #4: The Lost Corsair has been released on kindle!

10/10/2016 – Stressed about effective time management? Have my book, Your Time: 10 Principles for Managing Time Before Time Manages You, for FREE using this Smashwords coupon: RD35T

10/9/2016 – Your Time: 10 Principles for Managing Time Before Time Manages You is now available through Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and more!

8/9/2016 – The first three books in The Corsair Uprising Space Opera Series are now available as a single collection. Grab your digital copy here.

7/1/2016 – Memory Leak is now distributed by Simon and Schuster!

5/14/2016 – The Corsair Uprising #3: Death Wish is now available in Paperback!

5/9/2016 – The Corsair Uprising Books #1 and #2 paperback versions have also received a facelift. The Corsair Uprising #3: Death Wish will be available in Paperback next week!

5/3/2016 – The Corsair Uprising #4: The Lost Corsair cover revealed!

4/30/2016 – The Corsair Uprising Series has received a little facelift! Check out the new covers for The Azure Key, Nightstalkers, and Death Wish on Amazon!


12/28/2015 – That day is finally here! The Corsair Uprising #3: Death Wish has been released on Amazon!

12/26/2015 – Your Time: 10 Principles for Managing Time Before Time Manages You released in eBook on Amazon.

11/6/2015 – Welcome to a new responsive website experience!

10/1/2015 – Replica is now permanently free on Kindle! Grab your copy today.

9/16/2015 – Foreign Publishers can contact Slyvia Hayse at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Oct 14-18 to inquire about publishing my books in other languages.

9/5/2015 – The Chosen: A Novelette has been released on Amazon. 50% of profits benefit amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. Click here to support this great cause!

6/9/2015 – Symbiote released as an Audiobook in both CD and Digital formats on Amazon, Audible, and from Books In Motion.

5/4/2015 – Memory Leak has been released with a new cover. Stop by Amazon to check it out!

4/28/2015 – Moving day! My blog and website have merged. So long Blogger, hello WordPress.

4/17/2015 – Dirge of the Corsairs released on Youtube. The music video accompanies my upcoming novel, The Corsair Uprising #3: Death Wish.

3/23/2015 – The Corsair Uprising #2: Nightstalkers released in Paperback.

3/15/2015 – The Corsair Uprising #2: Nightstalkers released on Kindle.

3/10/2015 – Symbiote has been assigned a reader by Books In Motion, the audiobook is in production!

2/14/2015 – Expanded Distribution to Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo! Visit the my books tab to see where you can find each title!

2/12/2015 – Replica: A Short Story, is free on Smashwords. Feel free to share it with friends.


12/20/2014 – The Corsair Uprising #1: The Azure Key released in Paperback

12/14/2014 – The Corsair Uprising #1: The Azure Key released on Kindle

12/14/2014 – Symbiote has been picked up by Books In Motion to become an Audiobook.  Details forthcoming.