Social Media

Social Media Heaven:

Social Media is the best way to reach Trevor.  He uses Twitter and Facebook compulsively so he encourages you to start there.

He also posts Youtube videos every Wednesday discussing the process of writing, social media tips, and the ins and outs of the publishing industry.  He posts music videos and the occasional funny cat video sporadically as well.  No one can resist funny animals.  The easiest way to help Trevor in the Youtube rankings is to subscribe to his channel and like his videos.  This ensures his videos reach the largest audience possible!

Follow Trevor on Instagram for posts that offer a glimpse at a day in the life of an author.  He’s also posted a number of pictures from his travels around the world.

Goodreads is an excellent place to read about Trevor’s books, rate them, and to find out what he’s been reading.  If you ask him a question on Goodreads he’ll do his best to answer!

Look for Trevor’s free short story on Smashwords. Replica is a story about the dangers of technologies currently in development.  How much far can one man go before he ceases to be human?


Like, Follow, Subscribe, Add, you get the picture…