Let’s Talk About Survival…

Let’s talk about survival…

Humans are, by nature, determined to survive.  We are built to find ways to adapt or change as though bargaining with the unseen forces of the universe.  For millennia, survival was everything.  Before language, before societies, and before ethics, there was survival.  A few thousand years ago, thinkers like Socrates and Plato started to talk about ethics, and ask questions like, “Just because we can do something, SHOULD we?”

Enter the 21st Century.  Never before have we had such an ability to exact change on our own genome, shoot high definition video of far off worlds, or manipulate viruses in order to find cures.

In my novelette, The Chosen, the reader joins a world in the process of going extinct.  HIV has drastically mutated, allowing it to infect billions of people.  Rather, it eventually infects all but .5% of the population.  Those ‘lucky’ people begin to be known as The Chosen.  It is in this world that pharmaceutical restrictions and all standards of ethics are thrown out the window.  After all, the whole of humanity is at stake.

Later, the reader will see just what it takes to make a cure in this twisted world.  It begs the question, to what lengths are you willing to go to create a cure?  Are there times when the cure is worse than the disease?  If a cure is made, who decides who will receive it, and how much will be made?  The situation is precarious at best and this nightmare scenario should force you to ask a lot of questions which need to be asked.Let's Talk About Survival

In real life, great strides are being made in the race to find a cure for HIV/AIDS.  Just recently, researchers have created a pill which effectively prevents the spread of the virus as well as very effective antiretrovirals. amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, believes that a cure can be found within the next five years.  To this end, 50% of all profits I receive from the sale of The Chosen will go directly to amfAR, who gives promising research teams the funding they need to find a cure for AIDS.  To donate to my Crowdrise fundraiser to benefit amfAR, click here.