The Corsair Uprising: The Azure Key is Out Now!

The Corsair Uprising: The Azure Key is Out Now!’m happy to announce that the first installment of my new science fiction series is out today!  It is entitled The Corsair Uprising: The Azure Key.  The Corsair Uprising series falls under the Space Opera heading but has a lot of Steampunk elements as well.  Please check it out and if you pick it up, be sure to give an honest review on Amazon.

“Liam Kidd was a freelancer for Vesta Corporation, Earth’s largest and
most corrupt asteroid mining company. Through a series of events he
finds himself working the mines, a fate worse than death. When an
opportunity presents itself, he and two other miners escape through a
nearby wormhole. They find themselves across the galaxy in the middle
of a conflict between three alien species. Liam’s only chance of
getting home lies in finding a device rumored to be capable of opening a
singularity. Now, he and his crew must face the horrors of war to
return to their own system, a challenge that might prove deadly.”