Meet Cringer, or Battle Cat, He Answers to Both.

Meet Cringer, or Battle Cat, He Answers to Both.


Meet Cringer! Sometimes he turns into Battle Cat when he gets feisty.

Today I wanted to share some images I took using my Nikon D5100 with the standard 18-55mm kit lens and the macro setting (I was using the 55mm setting). I’m still learning all of the features, but I think some of these turned out pretty well.

Note: I learned that it’s probably easier to do macro-style shots when your subject is stationary. Trying to get my cat to sit still was like, well, herding cats. I don’t usually think about how fast he is until he shoots out of the frame. I ended up having to wait until he saw a bird or was chasing bugs outside the window. Seeing his tail wagging so rapidly was pretty hilarious.

I’ve been looking at getting a Nikon 35mm or 50mm lens with an F Stop of 1.8, but I’m thinking about holding off until I really get a handle on everything the kit lens can do. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get my F Stop below 5 when shooting 55mm, so getting enough light into the lens is an issue. I also really like the look of having the subject in focus and the background blurred. Which settings and lens would you suggest to get that effect?

What do you think of the shots? Does anyone have any tips for using the Nikon D5100 that could help? Perhaps you have some tips for getting a cat to sit still? 😛

Extra Fun Facts:

– Cringer just turned 1!
– Cringer is a tiny cat. Seriously. He’s pocket-sized.
– Cringer likes sleeping in his cubby hole (don’t ask), cuddling, and scratching the couch even though there’s a scratching post right there…
– He responds to no less than eight names. Not that he listens to any of them.
– Cringer always looks surprised. Always.