The Nanny-State (As it pertains to my novel, Memory Leak)

My science fiction thriller Memory Leak portrays a strong resistance to the idea of a Nanny-State (or a society in which the government has control over a lot of your life). From arranged marriages for selective breeding purposes to control of all artwork and music, Memory Leak shows what can happen when a government runs amok. I don’t want to give away took much in this blog post, but I’d like to spur some thought and debate on this subject. So, I’ve made a list of a few questions related to the above topic and I thought we could discuss them in the comments.

1) Should the government have any control or say in the institute of marriage?

2) Should the government have any recourse for artwork that portrays them negatively?

3) Should the government have a hand in genetics (be it genetic engineering or genetic research) or should those industries be private?

4) Should the government have a say in what car we drive, if any?

I hope you have fun answering some or all of these questions! If you’re really interested, I hope you check out my book, Memory Leak!

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