Awesome Symbiote Review

I recently got an awesome review of Symbiote on Amazon from a Top 500 Reviewer!

Here’s what he had to say in his 5-Star Amazon Review:

“Neil Meriwether is an unassuming person until he hears a voice that he
calls “The Other’. At that point, he turns into a maniac with
incredible strength. Time for capture and contain of Neil to determine
the cause of his actions. Finally, he is subdued and a slide of his
brain tissue is obtained.

Detective Karen Hall and her boss, Detective Yuri Markot are assigned the case. The chase is on, for sure.

increase of appetite, green eyes and increased strength are signs that
the parasite is within a host. And, the ones with the “parasite” are a
force to be reckoned with by all that come in contact with them. Could
this parasite be something from the Aliens? Hang on to your seat for
the rest of the story!

This story shows the tightness of the
“Blue Line” at all costs. The autopsy scene is one that will stay with
me for awhile. A most poignant ending for one intrepid detective and
also shows that perhaps all was not “lost” by another. And, the
epilogue does a wonderful job in tidying up a few loose ends.

Most highly recommended.”

Thank you A Navy Vet…VT town so much for your wonderful review!  I’ll be sure to check out some of your other recommendations.